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International COVID-19 Parental Burnout Project:

Researchers: Prof. H.J.A. van Bakel, Gizem Arikan, Ege Akgün, Ayşe Meltem Üstündağ-Budak, the members of the Parental Burnout Consortium

Data gathered from various countries in Europe under the leadership of the consortium member Prof. H.J.A. van Bakel from Tilburg University, Netherlands. The aim of the project is to compare the individual differences of the parents during pandemic, the problems parents faced in terms of COVID-19 and the parental burnout levels. Data collection procedure of the project, in which the members of the Parental Burnout Consortium involved, finalized in May 2020. The project is currently in analysis and publication procedure.


Factors Influencing the Emotions and Coping Styles in Two Generations:

Researchers: Dr. Gizem Arikan, Assoc. Prof. İbrahim Hakkı Acar, Dr. Ayşe Meltem Üstündağ-Budak,

The aim of the project is to examine the influence of the emotional states of the young adults and their parents, attachment styles, early childhood experiences on coping styles, psychological well-being, and use of social media. The data collection stage of the project has been completed and is currently at the stage of analysis and publication.


Examining the Effects of Parents’ Individual, Familial, and Environmental Stressors on Children’s Psychological Health in the Context of Covid-19:

Researchers: Assoc. Prof. İbrahim Hakkı Acar, Prof. Asiye Kumru, Dr. Gizem Arikan, Dr. Fatma Özge Ünsal

The aim of the project is to identify and examine the individual, familial and social/environmental stressors of the parents with young children in COVID-19 period and their influence on the psychological well-being of the children. The project is funded by TUBITAK SOBAG.


Adapting the Parental Burnout Assessment to Turkey:

Researchers: Dr. Isabelle Roskam, Dr. Moria Mikolajczak, Dr. Gizem Arıkan, Dr. Ayşe Meltem Üstündağ-Budak, Assoc. Prof. Ege Akgün, the members of the Parental Burnout Consortium

The Parental Burnout Assessment has been tested for validity and reliability and provided to our country. In addition, the cross-cultural differences and similarities of the parental burnout has been examined in terms of parental factors with the data gathered from various nations. The data are published (see Publications).


Improving Mother-child Attachment Relationship with Circle of Security Parenting Training Program:

Researchers: Dr. Gizem Arikan, Prof. Asiye Kumru, Prof. Feyza Çorapcı; Consultant: Prof. Nebi Sümer

The Turkish version of the Circle of Security Parenting Training Program completed in the project. The short/long-term effectiveness of the program was tested in low socioeconomic mother-child pairs. Also, the risk factors for child’s attachment security were examined. The project is funded by the TUBITAK Social Sciences and Humanities under the TUBITAK-3501 Support Program (Project no: 114K813). The data are in the publication process.